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"What AMAAD is seeking to do is near and dear to the organizers, because this is where we spend our daily lives.  This is where we do our sleeping, our shopping, our socializing.  We are not going "into" South LA, we are already here." - Carl Highshaw, MSW, Founder


Mission Statement

AMAAD facilitates personalized individual access to programs and services that foster safe and supportive healthy environments for people to live, learn, and develop to their fullest potential.


Our Vision

To provide essential and support services, community support, resources and referrals, centered around specialized strength-based management services and leadership development with a focus among LGBTQ people of color.



Develop community-based peer driven recovery support networks for Black people and Black LGBTQ+ people in South Los Angeles.


Provide strong, living role models of people of color and to create and maintain community.


AMAAD is committed to highlighting and celebrating healthy living and affirming Black people and other men and women of color.