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Resilient Solutions

The Resilient Solutions Project is a program designed to help African American, Black, and LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly formerly incarcerated individuals, and those experiencing mental health and substance use support needs. Our goal is to help decrease homelessness, increase the capacity of local peer-based community infrastructure, and provide behavioral health, substance use treatment, and support to our communities.
Services provided include long-term case management, intensive wraparound behavioral health support, early intervention counseling, substance abuse counseling, access to jobs and employment, assistance with securing and maintaining permanent supportive housing, and culturally appropriate services.

Project R.O.A.R.

Project R.O.A.R is a youth and young adult diversion program designed to destigmatize mental health, develop leadership, and foster opportunities for individuals ages 13-24. R.O.A.R is intentionally inclusive and culturally relevant African American / Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ individuals with a focus on those system-involved and/or experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

Email: Darnell@amaad.org



Reclaiming Innocence is a multi-tier program designed to provide housing support services and behavioral health support for formerly incarcerated individuals 18 and older.

For more information or to see Reclaiming Innocence could be for you, contact info@amaad.org!

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The purpose of In Search of Me is to create a safe passage to healing and to use those difficult circumstances of life as building blocks and stepping stones to the next phase of life. The model is a life skill and personal development series that equips participants with skills and abilities for adaptive and positive behavior. It enables one to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. The intent of In Search of Me is to provide the necessary tools that will transform lives.  It is a proactive approach to taking control of life. It calls for a commitment to self.




20211117 Hawthorne Coalition Flyer
20211119 Downey Coalition Flyer

AMAAD Policy Alliance

The AMAAD Policy Alliance organizes to address policy reform, community education, and leadership engagement around matters most impacting communities of color.


Has the media normalized smoking in public spaces? Join us for our October (Hawthorne/ Downey) Coalition Meeting, where we will discuss how big tobacco companies have used animated series, music videos, and tv shows to push their agenda for more consumption, and discuss how messaging through media impacts exposure to secondhand smoke.

For more information or to get connected, contact tyrone@amaad.org.




Fierce, Fabulous, and Free (F3) is designed for young GBTQ+ men of color to provide affirming spaces, events, and programs that use skills, abilities, and talents to establish supportive relationships and build strength-based leadership to develop personalized goals, and support overall health and wellness.

Contact Donald@amaad.org for more!



The AMAAD Institute offers therapy services. AMAAD provides safe and fair individual therapy and support with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship challenges, work stressors, school stressors, family challenge, and so forth, with the goal to provide the tools needed to sustain a healthy thriving life.  The AMAAD Institute has trained clinicians to suit your behavioral health needs.

Contact lanelle@amaad.org or eric@amaad.org for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Project imPACT

Project imPACT provides comprehensive services to justice-involved individuals in four regions within the City of Los Angeles with a focus on improving employment outcomes with access to legal services, behavioral health services, and training and educational opportunities.

For more information, contact eric@amaad.org or lanelle@amaad.org!



The House of Resiliency is the AMAAD Institute's Transitional Residential Living Community located in the King Estates neighborhood of South Los Angeles intended to be especially welcoming to young gay-identified men who need temporary residence in a structured, sober living facility.  For questions or more information, contact kenneth@amaad.org!

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Mike Gipson House

For questions or more information, contact kenneth@amaad.org!

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Below are just a few of the Linkage and Navigation options offered at The AMAAD Institute.

Are you between the ages of 18-24 years old? Do you need help getting connected to programs or services?  Ask our team about our Youth Health & Wellness incentivized survey.  Call 323-569-1610 or email Donald@amaad.org for more info!

Are you or someone you know need of Substance Use Recovery Support? Ask our team about our Resiliency & Recovery incentivized survey.  Call 323-569-1610 or email John@amaad.org for more info!

Introducing our Newest Program. "LIFE" (Low Income Fare is Easy) If you or someone you know needs transportation assistance to your next AMAAD appointment please call our team at 323-569-1610 or email Darnell@amaad.org for more info!

Would you like to receive AMAAD’s monthly calendar to stay connected to our programs and services? Please contact 323-569-1610 or email Chris@amaad.org for more info!

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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is an online chat group for LGBTQ+ participants to keep them informed and empowered. This group meets the second Wednesday of the month.  Contact donald@amaad.org for more details!