HIV Education & Empowerment -EHE (Ending the Epidemic)

Community Education Team

AMAAD is happy to announce that LAC+USC Medical Center Foundation, in partnership with the AMAAD Institute (AMAAD), has been funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Division of HIV and STD Programs, to implement the Ending the HIV Epidemic Project for LA County.

AMAAD will conduct community engagement, outreach, and mobilization through LA County to support the goals and strategies of the five-year federal/national initiative, Ending the HIV Epidemic: A plan for America.  The Project will focus on four key pillars to end the epidemic: (1) Diagnose people as early as possible, (2) Treat people rapidly and effectively, (3) Prevent new HIV transmissions, and (4) Respond quickly to HIV outbreaks.

AMAAD goals for this Project:

  • Empowering community members to advance HIV-related projects aimed at accomplishing the primary HIV reduction goal within their respective communities, utilizing a community-led approach
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness among LAC communities of HIV and HIV-related issues, including populations disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Developing partnerships with organizations and businesses to support EHE efforts.
  • Reducing HIV stigma among LAC residents.

Through collaboration with local stakeholders and community partners, community members, and new voices, our plan is to innovate, develop, organize, and sustain efforts to address HIV prevention and care-related issues.


The Community Education Team (CET) conducts outreach in our community to raise awareness about the programs and services that AMAAD provides. CET has partnered with a variety of local businesses and organizations to meet the community where they are. CET has joined forces with Los Angeles County to raise awareness about secondhand smoke. CET was successful in getting Ordinance 2227, which prohibits smoking in outdoor dining, public areas, and multi-unit housing, passed in the City of Hawthorne. While vaccinating over 300 community members, CET dispelled myths and misinformation about COVID-19. CET remains committed to bringing resources and awareness to our community.

Circle Stories- EHE
Roux's Blues- EHE
Roux's Blues- EHE
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Part With A Purpose
Part With A Purpose

Reclaiming Innocence

Reclaiming Innocence is a re-entry program providing housing, peer, and support navigation to individuals returning home from a California state prison. This program gives priority to the Black Trans population as well as Black LGBQ individuals. If you need navigation support, please call our office at 323-569-1610ask to connect with navigation services.

(Click the link below to apply) 


Youth Diversion and Development

Project R.O.A.R. stands for Restoration, Outreach, Advocacy, and Resilience. R.O.A.R. serves youth and young adults aged 13 to 24. The project is intended to de-stigmatize mental illness, foster leadership, and create opportunities. R.O.A.R. is an African American / Black and Latinx LGBTQIA+ program that is intentionally inclusive and culturally relevant. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program.

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ROAR Project

Linkage & Navigation Support

House Of Resiliency

Below are just a few of the Linkage and Navigation options offered at The AMAAD Institute.

Are you between the ages of 18-24 years old? Do you need help getting connected to programs or services?  Ask our team about our Youth Health & Wellness incentivized survey.  Call 323-569-1610

Are you or someone you know in need of Substance Use Recovery Support? Ask our team about our Resiliency & Recovery incentivized survey.  Call 323-569-1610

Introducing our Newest Program. "LIFE" (Low Income Fare is Easy) If you or someone you know needs transportation assistance to your next AMAAD appointment please call our team at 323-569-1610

Would you like to receive AMAAD’s monthly calendar to stay connected to our programs and services? Please contact 323-569-1610 or email [email protected] for more info!

Stay in constant contact with AMAAD on Instagram for daily updates! @amaad_institute

NoHo Pride
Taste Of Soul
Give Back In Collaboration with Vision LA

The House of Resiliency is the AMAAD Institute's Transitional Residential Living Community in South Los Angeles' King Estates neighborhood, designed to be especially welcoming to young gay-identified men in need of a structured, sober living facility. Individuals who participate in HOR are motivated to make bigger and better changes in their lives. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds to find answers to their future. It's a warm and welcoming environment full of love and support. They can expand their endeavors here without fear of being judged. At The AMAAD Institute, we believe it is critical to continue to empower young people to strive for more than what they have been told is acceptable. We accomplish this by fostering friendships and family. We provide comprehensive services that address the whole person and what it takes to live a fulfilling life. A "One on one" meeting is usually held once a week with each participant to keep up with the ever-changing process that they may face. It's critical to check in on a regular basis to ensure that people are being heard as individuals. There is no cookie-cutter approach in this process; each person is unique and requires a unique focus to understand what is required for their specific goals.

Click here to apply!

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Mike Gipson House

Fierce, Fabulous & Free (F3)

The AMAAD Institute manages two programs on this site; the front house is dedicated to Project Impact, a social service program designed to support individuals impacted by the criminal justice system; the goal is to provide a shared living committed to systematic change to end homelessness. Project Impact offers comprehensive services in four regions within Los Angeles, focusing on improving employment outcomes with access to legal services, behavioral health, and training and educational opportunities. Project Impact refers to participants who are employed and in need of housing; the lodging fee is based on the occupant’s income. The back house is dedicated to Resilient Solutions. The project is designed to help Black and LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly formerly incarcerated individuals and those experiencing mental health and substance use support needs. Our goal is to help decrease homelessness and increase the capacity of local peer-based community infrastructure. Services provided in long-term case management, intensive wrap-around behavioral health support, early intervention counseling, substance abuse counseling, access to jobs and employment, and assistance with securing and maintaining permanent supportive housing.

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Mike Gipson House
Grand Opening of Mike Gipson House

Fierce, Fabulous, and Free (F3) is designed for young GBTQ+ men of color to provide affirming spaces, events, and programs that use skills, abilities, and talents to establish supportive relationships and build strength-based leadership to develop personalized goals and support overall health and wellness

Catch the Beat

The AMAAD Institute, in collaboration with UCLA, would like to introduce one of its newest and most innovative programs, Catch the Beat. Catch the Beat is a youth safe space hosted on Friday nights to create opportunities for House and Ballroom members to gain education and access to PrEP and other prevention options like HIV testing and counseling.  Catch the Beat has been the conduit to connect community members to essential services including Behavioral Health, Housing Navigation, and Substance Use Recovery. Participants interested in Leadership Development can partake in the Haus of C.H.O.P Ambassadors program which promotes Health and Wellness education and navigation options for prevention.   

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Resilient Solutions

HIV Testing Services

The Resilient Solutions Project is a program designed to help African American, Black, and LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly formerly incarcerated individuals, and those experiencing mental health and substance use support needs. Our goal is to help decrease homelessness, increase the capacity of local peer-based community infrastructure, and provide behavioral health, substance use treatment, and support to our communities.
Services provided include long-term case management, intensive wraparound behavioral health support, early intervention counseling, substance abuse counseling, access to jobs and employment, assistance with securing and maintaining permanent supportive housing, and culturally appropriate services.

The AMAAD Institute is proud to announce that we are now conducting incentivized HIV testing Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Everyone deserves to be protected, whether you're in a relationship or somebody's sidepiece. If you would like information or linkage to PEP/Prep, we can also get you linked into care. To schedule an appointment, please call our testing hotline: 213-448-9544.
Our office is at 10221 South Compton Ave, Ste. 105, Los Angeles, CA 90002.

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HIV Testing
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Behavioral Health Services

Project imPACT

We are providing a safe and affirming environment for individual therapy and support groups to unpack stress, career transitions, anxiety, and depression with the intent to deliver the strategies to sustain a thriving mental health life.

For all provider referrals please click here.

What is Project impact?

Project Impact is a grant funded by the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office on Reentry.  The purpose of the program is to: Reduce recidivism for those who have been affected by the criminal justice system. Offers personalized and wrap-around services to those who are enrolled which include: individualized assessments; access to behavioral health services; substance abuse treatment; legal aid; vocational training, and employment placement.

Who is eligible for the program?

You are eligible for the program if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime within the last 12 months and/or are currently on parole or probation.

What Will the Counselor Help Me with?

- Emotional/Mental Health Support

- Access to counseling

- Referrals to other programs

How will Project Impact benefit me?

Project Impact is designed to reduce recidivism and offer a seamless delivery of services to help Fellows become self-sufficient.  Vocational training and employment referrals/placement, access to legal aid, and behavioral health services will help reduce barriers.

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